Pong - Evolution

Started by CodeBunny, February 18, 2012, 13:55:14

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Well, I just finished a simple Pong remake. You can check it out here: http://www.minds-eye-games.com/projects/games/pong/

Some screenshots:


Interesting.  I will give ita try.

Since it's lwjgl I assume you wrote it in Java.  What did you use to convert it to a windows .exe file?



My program is actually a self-contained jar file that I wrapped in an exe. It has LWJGL's required native libraries contained inside the Jar file; I have code that extracts them to a location on the user's file system at runtime.


Haha :D really liked it :D

I like the graphics, (of course), I've never seen a pong game. which had such graphics :O, also I really enjoyed the idea of moving obstacles on the game field.

But I would have liked an option to enable resizing, or would just have liked an resizeable window.
And I would have liked to be able to choose between display modes, when switching to Fullscreen. As I have a double-screen setup, I was only able to play on both screens at the same time. And, when I set the window to fullscreen on my right monitor, then I'll only see the half of the entire game.

But other that that: a reaaaallyy good game. Its kind of more than a pong remake because of the graphics and little additional gameplay :)
My github account and currently active project: https://github.com/matheus23/UniverseEngine


Why thank you. It was a two-week-long diversion and I like how it turned out.

What monitor setup do you have? I don't really think I can modify that sort of setup from within LWJGL. That's desktop setup stuff.