Suggest Tiny Change in Readme.txt

Started by kstokes, November 05, 2009, 01:05:12

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It says in the readme.txt file that comes in the zip:

QuoteYou may also run the Space invaders demo by executing:
  java -cp .;res;jar\lwjgl.jar;jar\lwjgl_test.jar;jar\lwjgl_util.jar; -Djava.library.path=native\<win32|linux|macosx> org.lwjgl.examples.spaceinvaders.Game

However, the folder with the DLLs in it is called 'windows', not 'win32'.   And so I was getting the 'Unsatisfied Link Error'.  It took me quite a while to realize what the problem was because I had cut and pasted into a batch file from the readme.txt file.  I tried slashes instead of backslashes, quotes, etc...

Anyway it worked great once I fixed that.     lwjgl is very impressive, I'm looking forward to using it.



thx for reporting this, I've just checked and this was fixed 6 months ago in svn. fix will be included in the next release of lwjgl.