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Started by bezhod, April 17, 2009, 10:51:53

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Hi. ;D

I made jSat, small java 3d-library, using lwjgl.
I stopped coding it last year because i switch to c# but maybe you will find
something useful in it.

You can load it, click "jSat + esimerkit" (jsat+examples) link.
It uses older lwjgl but i think it works new lwgjl too, maybe some code changes.

Sorry, no documentation and all code comments are in finnish (like that web page).

And that md5 loader is buggy (bad port from c), so it is useless.
Obj-loader, glsl, shadows etc works quite well.



Out of curiosity, how's your experience been switching from Java and LWJGL to C#?


I think C# is more like C++ so I like it better (operator overloads, etc).

Im using opentk (opengl binding for c#) and again coding small 3d library (csat,
(csat is not jsat port, i just started it from the begining)
Still learning until I switch again to some other programming language (maybe not).



Why do you release this though if it's hard to make anything out of it?

I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to polish the code so that it is nice to develop with it and then release it to the public?

Or maybe you're selling it short and it is in fact awesome code, I don't know. You're just not sounding very confident.