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Started by Greenleon, September 22, 2008, 17:21:42

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Our project is getting bigger and bigger and I think it is time to make an UML class diagram of it. The problem: The programm I tried, DIA, is full of words I never heard before. Additionally I never made an UML Diagram before.

So my question is.
Does an application exist, that allows you to create UML Diagrams for Java? It should be small and not full of functions you will never need for java modeling.
And can you recommend me a tutorial for UML modeling for java?



maybe google what you just asked
or maybe forget uml and just refactor your code a bit.

(no offense, the results are really full of what you might want!)


Netbeans has a very powerful and easy to use UML module:

Ciao Matthias


Thanks. I had already googled but was frustrated I found nothing. Now I googled again and found a nice tutorial. I'll try netbeans.