Collision Detection with dynamic objects, ground etc

Started by AndreasW, December 27, 2007, 11:51:31

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I am struggling with some game design theory:

For "complex" objects - for example a table, chair, sofa etc, is it common practice
to design the collsion information as part of the object data, and store it in the
"3d information" on file - essentially leaving it to the 3d artists. Or is there some
better way to do it?

The idea being that the player can jump ontop of the sofa, the sofa arms and back,
but also be able to blow up the sofa - hence a requirement of the information not to
be static in the scene.

By the way since i want this to be a multiplayer game, i'm thinking of having the server streaming over the object+collision data. Imagine for example 3d snake game
where items appear and disappear along the game play.


There's numerous books out there that are completely devoted to the singular question you just asked.  ;)

In general, you want to keep your collision geometry separate from your art geometry. The reason being, is that you rarely need to check every polygon for a collision (which can become very costly if you have very detailed art).

If you do need it to check per poly, then you usually want to start with a more abstract check (i.e., spherical detection for the whole object), and then drill down to the geometry as needed.

Check out "Real Time Collision Detection," as it's probably one of the most inclusive books on the subject currently available.




Elias thanks for your reply,

I was thinking if there was some specific method / approach for handling where the player stands / jumps up / climbs ladders etc, but i realize after your post it's just "regular" collision
detection in yet another direction.