GL11, GL12...GL21

Started by Jabbaharazeb, December 13, 2007, 02:47:53

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Someone already asked a question about the different GL11, GL12 etc. Here:,2237.0.html

But it didn't answer my question.  In the online documention:
I see that GL11 contains all of the familiar fields and functions of OpenGL Ver 1.1, but the later versions like GL15, GL20 for instance are missing those fields/functions.

example:  static void glBegin(int mode);
This function is listed under GL11, but not under the others.  Is it simply implied that the later GL versions contain these earlier fields/functions?  Or are they actually not included in the newer APIs?

Note:  I've only worked with OpenGL 1.1 and C++ so far, that's why I'm not sure about the doc's meaning.


yes, its implied.
GL21 > GL20 > GL15 > GL14 > GL13 > GL12 > GL11

This means that if you only use GL11, GL12, GL13 you know that your technical requirements is OpenGL 1.3


To clarify what Matzon said. GL11 has the 1.1 API. 1.2 only has the new stuff added in 1.2 version.

So if you want to use all of say version 2.0 then you would be importing GL11, GL12, GL13, etc.

The whole of LJWGL is like this. Say you want to use the multi-texture extension. Then you import ARBMultitexture.