Mac Java 6 previews pulled from ADC site?

Started by miu, September 27, 2007, 17:48:29

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Yep! I got Leopard installed yesterday, and there's no 1.6 available. I don't even have the beta directories, so I'm guessing that was left over from your upgrading or something.



Just stumbled across this, looks promising! Will test soon...

UPDATE: SoyLatte project released the 1.0 version in the meantime, based on the latest 1.6.0_03 codebase. CLI programs run wickedly fast, especially in 32-bit version. Work on sound and native graphics underway.


Apple today actually released Java 6 for Leopard! Not too bad, since Sun shipped it in Dec 2006...

Looks like it's only for 64-bit Intel HW - PPC and even 32-bit early Intel Macs are out of luck!?!

SoyLatte project mentioned here earlier manages to deliver open source Java 6 for both Tiger and Leopard, and both 32/64 bit Intel! If they manage to add graphics/sound support it will be interesting!