Networking techniques for an FPS.

Started by Kavi, September 22, 2007, 13:55:34

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I'm currently working on a multiplayer FPS and was wondering if anyone here has experiences with how to build the multiplayer part.

I'm thinking to have a dedicated server with clients connecting to that.

Furthermore I've been considering using Dead Reckoning to reduce the amount of network traffic (as opposed to having the server do all the work and constantly resend the global state of the entire game, which was my first plan.)

But as I'm new to it all I'm open to all kinds of suggestions and links to places where I might learn more.


i currently got a dodgy fps on my site.
I let the server do all calculation then send the update position and angle of each character.
I guess it doesnt matter but i prefer the server to do all calculations, as it means that the client cant use a position hack (not that anyone would bother making one). I also let the client make calculations to smooth out the position data, so that there is a nice flow between points as network traffic is not constantly even. or else the characters look jerky or have to move slow or worse it will take high bandwith.