2D openGL tutorial

Started by Morgrog, August 25, 2003, 19:00:19

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Are there any 2D openGL tutorial out there taht could help me out write a 2d game (kinda like Alien Flux, but not as complex) ;)

You know, the kind of tutorial that could help me load levels, animate sprites, etc.   :oops:


Not as such...
...but most of the relevant code in Alien Flux is open sourced, like, a library of code for loading in textures, making sprites, animations, etc etc.
You could do worse than starting there and asking me questions all day long.

Open source stuff is at http://sf.net/projects/spgl

Cas :)


So it's all under CVS eh?

I'll check it out and maybe start coding my super remake!

I need to learn how to use cvs first tho  :oops: (I hear it goes awfully well with eclipse!)

Thanks again for the work you've been doing for the java/opengl community!