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Second third XVIII of century - time, when in Russian furniture baby furniture italian are combined барокко of previous classic furniture italian with come from Western Europe рококо. At this time In. In. Растрелли, With. And. furniture italian sofa etc. the known architects create magnificent houses and дворцы with rich interiors for imperial family and
italian furniture in St. Petersburg and his(its) vicinities. The internal furniture of buildings is magnificent: the smart halls located furniture italian office on one axis and plentifully decorated with a gilt groove, huge windows and mirrors in company furniture italian , обрамленные magnificent furniture italian kitchen and creating due to reflections illusion of additional space, abundance of lighting devices, shine свечей, which furniture catalog also was reflected in mirrors together with an abundance of the gilt groove. The furniture reflected by the architects as a part of general(common) decorative furniture; she(it) consist basically of ca
rved consoles and armchairs, which was placed along walls. The smart halls served the person дворца, they were arranged with the special leather furniture ; thus to conditions of inhabited rooms was given much less than used furniture .
For the sake of manufacturers letting out tables and cases mainly of brown contemporary office furniture . The problem of a choice did not arise and at arrangement of furniture: « room modular office furniture » of the working areas excluded an opportunity of the creative discount office furniture to a question of an arrangement of tables and chairs. The executive office furniture bulky furniture from ANI, filling studies in numerous IEE and home office furniture , had no and should not have alternatives: policy(politics) office furnitur
and Soviet Ainniaa indefatigably watched(kept up) it. "«Question" at what manufacturer to buy furniture » at the Soviet mode simply did not arise. At everyone modern office furniture (enterprise, institute, establishment) was office furniture , each manufacturer of furniture (manufacturers on the country had very little) - order for five years forward. The word, was worked by(with) the usual attitudes(relations), and the absence of a competition meant release of unified production of simple execution(performance) », - the sales manager of trade group office furniture except wood speaks office furniture supply . Only to chiefs of a maximum link, ministers and with them the defici
ency ». of the Italian, Austrian and German manufacture relied «. Others « did(made) of a fairy tale used office furniture », not thinking about convenience and comfort.