Weird problems when compiling the skeleton opengl code

Started by Morgrog, August 07, 2003, 00:15:43

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I get this error

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
        The method swapBuffers() from the type BaseGL is not visible

Any ideas what causes this?

I can't wait to start coding with this great tool :D


I mean using openGL skeleton code I get the following errors:
Error	The method create(DisplayMode, boolean) is undefined for the type Display	line 29
Error	The constructor GL() is undefined   line 36
Error	Return type for the method is missing line 54
Error	The method swapBuffers() from the type BaseGL is not visible line 63
Error	The method destroy() is undefined for the type Display line 134

What am I doing wrong here?  :roll:


Pretty sure the skeleton code is outdated, which I think is going to be updated soonish? What version of lwjgl are you using?

Try looking in the lwjgl examples stuff for working code.

edit: the docs in general are pretty scarce. I think it is part of the plan to beef that up a bit for 0.7, which is still just a pre-release. No idea on a timeframe here.


yeah, documentation is a bit stale :/

I have updated OAL to 0.7, but it hasn't been published yet.
Likewise, OGL should get an update too.

There was a timeframe for 0.7, but it got a bit squashed, since we decided to make 0.7 a really good release - we need to fix som bugs and add some more features (and remove some!). Generally we all feel that 0.7 is going to be a really good release!

As to when... it all depends - can't be more specific, but soon, and as fast as possible :roll:



I'm using 0.6 and I'm still new to this whole Java thing (eh, we all gotta start sometime;))

Glu binding? *dumbfounded look while drooling*

I tried compiling the examples from chman and had the same errors but maybe those are outdatted too...

The examples are only available if I download the source code right?

I can't wait to try that whole java/gl thing out :)


The chman stuff is still 0.5 I think? I dunno, I've been doing "other things" lately and really kinda waiting for 0.7 to play around some more.

I think the examples are a part of that media download, or at least the media zip is needed to run them properly, info about that is on the webpage somewhere I think, but I don't remember exactly how it worked. Finding the examples is probably your best bet at the moment, assuming they work. ;)


oooh, we're soooo close to getting 0.7 out :)
It's a loads better API now! And 100% secure now too.

Cas :)


Excellent!  Work faster! :lol:

@Morgrog: While the website isn't always up-to-date, the examples included in the source archive should be the latest and greatest.  Ignore the skeleton OpenGL code and go straight for the source code for the binaries you're using.
ellomynameis Charlie Dobbie.


Cool thanks for the quick answer guys, I'll be checking it out tonight!

I'm getting all excited about 0.7 and I don't even know why (since I didn't start using lwjgl just yet) ;)