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Started by mac, August 02, 2003, 21:09:23

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yep, while study the Hehe Examples ported to lwjgl i allways
saw a static init on top of every class
like this :

 // GL variables...
public static final GL gl = new GL("lwjgl Test",0,0,800,600,16,0,0,0);

	  // GL context creation...
			gl.create();										// Create The Opengl Context
		catch(Exception e)

is there some deeper reason for doing it like this ?
For me unaceptable design.

What will happen is case the Contex could not be Initalized (Excpetions,  ypes ) ?
Or for worst case the binaries, couldnt  loaded ?

Sorry 4 asking so supid questions, but for integration i must have some more Info on that, because i plan to deploy it via Webstart.

thx a lot

PS: all in all the Design looks very well and clear that  :D  

- Jens
he Network is the Music


No reason whatsoever - just the way the original did it...

You might just as well do it in somewhere else - no requirements!