Better way to handle garbage collection?

Started by elias4444, October 10, 2006, 14:29:55

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I just uploaded a new version of the demo... so please feel free to try it again and let me know if the stuttering is still there. I tried reducing yet more of my resource usage.


I don't know about stuttering or anything since I haven't played it that much...however the game looks really cool. Kinda like a souped up asteroids (which is a good thing). It also reminds of this old Star Trek game I played many years ago. I don't quite remember the name of it though.
Well, the point is...really cool work.
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before suspecting GC, you could run with -verbose:gc. Maybe the problem isn't gc at all.


umm had a similar problem with my apps, wasnt the gc though, it was the threads, I lowed the priority of less important threads(as i was networking so i had a few)like listening thread as it was tcp, and only slept the main game server thread interval minus clocktime, then sent an update 2 the other threads 2 do there thang. and sleeped them for only (1) if they hadnt been updated, done wonders for performance dont know if its a good thing 2 do