Kind of an odd question...(newbie)

Started by vigu86, April 29, 2006, 06:37:33

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Hi to all

I have a rader wierd question that can help me get out of doubt. I have been given a project to make a 3d game in java. Now according to the project, Im supposed to be using oracle's jdeveloper. Though, I've downloaded java 3d 1.3.1 and placed it in the jdk directory of oracle but it doesn't recognize any of its imports/methods. Im starting to believe that jdeveloper may not be suitable for creating 3d games and I was wondering if I just installed the components wrong or if infact I have to request using a diferent program altogether.

Please any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance


I use IntelliJ IDEA, so I don't know about Oracle JDeveloper, and also I use LWJGL, so I don't know about Java3d.

However, when I'm adding libraries and such to my IntelliJ projects, I add them to a lib/ directory in my project directory, and add the libaries to a list of 'project libraries' in IntelliJ. This is how I imagine most Java IDEs would work. I'm not sure that you're guaranteed that your IDE looks in its JDK folder for new things.

I'd also like to recommend IntelliJ IDEA, it's one of the best IDEs I've ever used for anything.


Hei! Isn't it enough if you just installed Java3D - like download the installer and double-click on it and install (like jdk) and that should be enough? And you should even be able to compile Java3D code with command prompt. Well, at least it worked for me one year ago. Maybe something has been changed? Didn't use Java3D much, but I got it working.