2 mice support in LWJGL? If not, where should I implement it?

Started by Passenger82, January 20, 2008, 09:25:19

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Hey guys!

I want to create a game similar to Alien Breed or Crimsonland. And I want to
have 2 players playing on one screen. Aiming will be done with the mouse, movement with keyboard.

I found out that jinput supports multiple mice  (tested with 2 mice on Linux, jinput recognized both correctly,
extra driver needed for win2k,xp; see http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=708770&messageID=4104669 for more).

Is this also supported by LWJGL?

thx for any help!


Your best bet is to just use JInput directly. In fact, controller support in lwjgl is implemented through jinput.

- elias


okay, thanks!

I'd like to contribute.
So if you think this could be useful I'd like to integrate it into LWJGL.
Just tell me where you think is a good point to add and what
existing classes it should be based on (if any. else I'll use jinput directly).

busy with exams, right now. I'll probalby start in mid Febuary.

keep up the good work with LWJGL! :)


My feeling is that we don't need to support two mice in lwjgl, and that accessing jinput directly is the preferred way.

- elias