Help on wrong Video setup

Started by nxwong, April 21, 2006, 01:27:23

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I did a stupid thing...My video work at 640x480, but I change it to some resolution that can disply onscreen (my tv)..
Is there a safe mode in Gentoox so I can set it back to 640x480 or telnet to did the setup back or any reset to default.. Thank you.
Check out


and this relates to lwjgl how ?

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Quoteand this relates to lwjgl how ?
... Nor does it relate to "General Java Game Development"  :lol:
... At least I don't think so, I can't even understand what he is asking :?
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I think he fuxed his Gentoo install by setting the resolution to some non-standard one.


1) Buy some grammer books, read them, use them.
2) Try booting in to the console and editing the config files there.
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