What's the status of IL on linux and mac?

Started by elias4444, January 30, 2006, 21:29:10

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I've been debating about switching over to IL for its speed, but was wondering if there are still Linux and/or Mac issues?


for Linux:
no problem as long as you have external libraries, such as libpng and libjpeg,  installed.
and in fact, most of Linux distributions come with most of external libraries,
so DevIL should be fine for Linux.
for speed, i don't know.

for Mac OS X:
it works but you have to install DevIL libraries into /usr/local/lib along with all external libraries.
i am trying to make it so that you don't have to install DevIL and external libraries,
and it works for me but not working for LWJGL teams, i guess.
and also, ilut.Init method call on Mac OS X crashes so it has be commented out,
or needs some work around (is this fixed in some way?).
that requires rebuild of lwjgl-devil.jar.

as for Intel Mac, i saw the post that LWJGL team is providing liblwjgl-devil
for x86 and ppc platform, so i guess it works on Intel Mac as well.

for speed, i don't know.

i have my build of DevIL for Mac OS X 10.4.x/10.3.x that is supposed to fix memtioned problems,
so it would be great if anyone can test them.
i only have one Mac so it's hard for me to make sure it works or not...