Started by psiegel, June 15, 2004, 15:58:38

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Feck yes! Brilliant!

Cas :)


Quote from: "blah"
You know, it'd be nice if webstart had some facility for specifying application created files that should be removed along with the app itself on uninstall.  Or some kind of hooks into the uninstall process for specifying custom operations.

Seconded, with great feeling  :?

Actually, maybe there is. I'm trying to sort out a LWJGL-webstart pkging problem at the moment (hence searching forum for "webstart" and finding this old thread ;)) but off the top of my head webstart has a feature I've never used that allows you to "install custom installers as part of the auto-download process" - IIRC it lets you invoke a secondary application to e.g. pop up dialogs *during* the install process to ask the user stuff and deal with it.

I have *never* used it, just skimmed over it several times when reading the JNLP spec (it's all in there, several pages worth at least). I would guess that if it has this install hook, it also has an uninstall hook?


That's exactly what it's intended for but the documentation is a bit like trying to decode the Rosetta stone.

Cas :)