Webstarting DevIL on 0.97.1 on win32

Started by chaosdeathfish, August 15, 2005, 03:21:49

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I can't seem to get DevIL to webstart properly. Every time I try to use it I get an error saying the application has failed to start due to not finding ILU.dll - I assume this is because DevIL.dll tries to load ILU.dll itself?

Anyway, my web start is set up with all the native libraries in a single jar using:
 <resources os="Windows">
  	<j2se version="1.4+"/>
    <nativelib href="lwjgl-windows.jar"/>

Any ideas?


this is the native one we use on lwjgl.org:

and the jnlp snippet:
Quote<resources os="Windows">
   <j2se version="1.4+"/>
   <nativelib href="native_win32.jar"/>


Thanks, that helped me narrow down the problem. Even using the same jar files as you did, it didn't work at first, until I realised that wasn't trying to use ILU at all, just IL and ILUT. So I just added a call to ILU.create(), and it all worked fine!