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[Job] Talented Graphic Artist Needed for Short Term Contract

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Reality Interactive, Inc. (http://www.realityinteractive.com) a visionary leader in interactive applications is currently working on their next application that combines software development with rich visual environments.  The need has arisen for a talented and visionary graphic artist familiar with user interfaces to help us flesh out our mock ups.

We are posting to game developers for two reasons:  to tap into the visionary talent found in the gaming community and to provide a alternative source of income to those struggling to make first-class games.

Applicant Requirements:

•   Excellent graphic design skills (Photoshop preferred)
•   Previous experience designing user interfaces
•   Familiarity with Java, OO and UML (Coding will not be required.)
•   US applicants only (unless you have experience with international contracts and can facilitate the process)

We currently have a small budget for this work and we will only require a few hours of time over the next month.  If you’re in need of a few extra bucks and have the necessary requirements then please send a link to your portfolio to jobs@realityinteractive.com for consideration.

Thank you.

(If you know of any other board that we can post to for free please let me know.  I would prefer have my budget go into the pocket of an artist.)