Started by Anm_la, June 26, 2003, 17:04:20

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So... I wanted to remind people that Sun are pushing their own OpenGL binding named JOGL, and the guys at Apple have already ported pieces of it (but not released it).  On the mailing list, a bunch of us got together to finish off the port, but Gerard Ziemski was well ahead of us and sent me a screen shot of a running demo.  You can find the thread if you look up the subject "JOGL OpenGL bindings" in the apple mailing list archives.

While Gerard hasn't released a patch to, I'm going to give him a week after WWDC until I start bugging him again.  For those who are curious, JOGL is a BSD licensed project, and is paired with JOAL for wrappers around the Open Audio Library.  All part of Sun's new Game's push.



It may come as a surprise but we already know all about Sun's stuff :)

Cas :)


Maybe you know.  Maybe others didn't.  Maybe someone know about JOGL but not the Mac porting effort.

In anycase, the Mac port is on CVS right now.