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Title: [CLOSED] I was told to bring this here...
Post by: Derrick on March 18, 2013, 17:01:14
So, I'm from the Minecraft forums, and I was told to bring this here...I'm not a java expert so be gentle:)

Quoted post from the Minecraft forum:
Perhaps you can offer some insight here. I've been having this problem with optifine. It only happens with optifine installed (it's the only mod I use now). I really just wanna play minecraft:)


I'll be playing and my window will just close. It'll just be gone. After which I can find that above error in the .minecraft folder. Always points to nvogl64.

I prefer to use magic launcher, but it also happens when manually installing the mod and using the stock launcher. Tried SKMC's launcher too, same bad result.

What I've tried:
Updated video drivers
Downgraded video drivers
Updated/complete removed/reinstalled java
Tried java 8 (As you can see in the given error)
Deleted .minecraft, redownloaded etc.
Running java and minecraft.exe in compatibility mode (xp, 7, vista etc)
Dedicating more/less RAM to minecraft
Tried with SLI disabled
Even tried removing my second video card completely
Updating LWGL

This has actually been happening to me since 1.4.7. Just didn't have time to investigate and troubleshoot...now that I do, it's really frustrating.

Here's a DXDiag:

You'll notice I'm using beta nvidia drivers. I've been using the WHQL drivers from nvidia, the non beta ones, with the same results. As you can tell, I've tried pretty much everything, ha.

This doesn't happen when using stock minecraft...but with 1.5 especially, optifine is important, otherwise I get mad stuttering:(

My specs:
CPU: Intel i7 2600k @ 4.7GHz
GPU: 2xGTX 680s in SLI
RAM: 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1600MHz
Motherboard: ASUS Maximus V Formula
SSD: Crucial M4 256GB (Minecraft runs off this; have tried running it from HDD)
OS: Windows 8 Enterprise x64

Oh and before you ask, I didn't buy dual 680s for Minecraft:P

Thank you:)
Title: Re: [BUG] I was told to bring this here...
Post by: princec on March 18, 2013, 18:30:07
Nvidia driver crash, entirely unrelated to either Java, Minecraft, or LWJGL.

Cas :)