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Title: [CLOSED] Applets on Mac
Post by: neoskunk on October 06, 2010, 02:55:21
Ok so I have been using Slick2D to develop a game and have recently put the game out on the web as an applet.  After having no luck in the slick forums i have come here since slick uses lwjgl.  The problem is on macs.  If the applet is initially off-screen or partially off-screen when you try to scroll down it flickers like crazy and almost has a tearing effect.


It's almost as if the applet is trying to resize itself to fit in the visible portion of the screen.  However, even when you scroll down and the entire applet is in view the portion of the applet that was not initially visible is either black or some partial combination of images as you can see above.

This is an issue on safari and firefox however only on macs.

Anyone seen this before or know how it might be fixed?  My mac has version 1.6_20, using lwjgl 2.6.
Title: Re: Applets on Mac
Post by: BatKid on November 03, 2010, 16:58:31
Unfortunately, lwjgl applets on macs have been nothing but trouble for me.  The problem has to do with the Java version that Apple provides, it is not 100% compatible with the official version.  I had experienced many challenges including applets not able to re-load, applets stays on top even when switching to a different tab, etc.

Apple has recently updated their Java, so try a system update the see if that solves the problem.  Personally, I think it may be good that Sun (Oracle) will be maintaining the Mac JVM now, assuming that they do a good job.

Title: Re: Applets on Mac
Post by: jediTofu on November 03, 2010, 17:26:07
I've seen a similar thing happen to me on my Windows machine while playing funorb games.  I'm not sure if it was the same problem, but after I went to another tab and back, it was fine, like my browser just needed to know to redraw everything (I use Opera).  It happens rarely if I scroll down or something.  Not really a problem I guess...but just the design of applets.  I'm thinking you have a different problem though  :-\  When you go to one tab and back, does it look fine then?  It could be the default settings in the mac os x version of the browsers.
Title: Re: [BUG] Applets on Mac
Post by: kappa on September 03, 2011, 16:22:37
This issue is not something we can fix on the LWJGL side, however it should no longer effect LWJGL applets on mac with the latest version of the java plugin, please update to latest version of java.